Merck Labs

The Ask: Merck Labs was setting up its Bangalore office. They wanted somebody who can create a contemporary workplace keeping collaboration and innovation in mind while adhering to their brand guidelines.

The Approach: We started with inducing Merck’s brand principles and culture. We used Merck brand colours and elements in simulating combinations. Each of the 12 colours was used to represent various aspects of science. And their elements like cells, strings, and microbes were used to represent every department of the organisation. Every detail of the lab was designed bearing the guideline in mind while not compromising with innovative design.

  • The welcome kiosk showcasing Merck products
  • Bio reactors in the training room
  • Cell pattern design on the pantry counter
  • Colours and shapes of the work station seats and the plant holders
  • Three dimensional elements of the logo as design pattern
  • Conducive meeting and conference rooms to stimulate productive thoughts

Everything was designed to represent what Merck is – a vibrant, energetic place that encourages positive work culture.