Landmark (was known as Imagine tech) is a fully owned technology subsidiary of landmark health. Landmark is a US based healthcare company with operations across the united states working to bring medical care to the most complex & chronic populations through house calls. The Company’s CEO wanted their new office to be more of a home than work space, so Aldecor commissioned to tailor the space to the company’s culture, Bangalore’s environment & its people, as well as the needs of the imagine. Focused on the Imagine tech team approach, each employee has a long desk in the open office as well as private office for the personal calls, The outfit’s amenities include a conference room, a team room & a copy center, a gym room in the terrace cafeteria, modern bathrooms, café points in each floor, a visitor disc room, interview room, town hall areas. The town hall area along with the café point creates a free flowing, open space. Entrance area & lounge area swivel chairs & stools span the entire space allowing the view to enhance the informal meetings. Green walls all around the office with self watering plants gives the lively touch. On the walls, colors have been applied in large blocks which dissolves the feelings of certainty, enhancing creativity. Meeting rooms and cabins are arranged around the perimeter access to natural lights defines the mood of the rooms. The opacity & reflections on the glass combine in a play of light % color, creating the impression of an abstract & almost virtual space. Sleek, minimalist design, including powerful graphic displays, Lights, & the use of visually strong corporate colors, further emphasize the identity of the corporation.