Fidelity National Financial

The Ask: Fidelity National Financial (FNF) wanted their office designed completely distinct from their BPO counterpart. FNF wanted a corporate approach for its three locations in Bangalore itself that would house 2500+ employees.

The Approach: We created the look with a smart combination of plywood, paint, and patterned rubberwood. The volume of the space was increased by exposing the services.

  • Uninterrupted glass surfaces virtually extended the interior space
  • Distinct colours of the carpets helped in demarking various spaces
  • The ceiling colour was chosen to be grey to particularly expand the interior spaces visually
  • The lobby got a lively appearance with various linear and abstract patterns
  • The bay areas were made to look diverse yet harmonious and enjoyable
  • Executive workspaces were made functional yet neutral and calm
  • The community areas were designed to offer strong visual encouraging productivity